About Chanimals

Chanimals and items can be registered on blockchain, owned like bitcoin and ether and traded in cryptocurrency on our marketplace.

Chanimal Universe

Chanimal Universe is built upon the legend of ancient creatures that once lived and bred on earth less than 1000 years ago. Experts in our department of communications – CECC, have located Chanimals on a distant planet and found a way to tele hypnotize them, which gives us the opportunity to offer you a personal Chanimal crypto pet.


Chanimal Universe has many game variants, both new and old. We aim to create a hybrid world and a learning experience, giving children and adults the opportunity to collaborate and spend time together. This unique game offers plenty of educational material for children and a rich environment for social interaction.

DNA and Genes

Our Gene Scientist Classroom is an educational forum for curious children to study the wonders of DNA and genes. Adults and children can use this playground to learn how to breed better Chanimals by studying the gene pool and the potential outcomes of their genetic combinations.


Just like bitcoin and ether, crypto collectables can be traded on the blockchain marketplace to secure ownership, delivery and payment of both Chanimals and specific in-game items or services. The marketplace enables children to learn about market mechanisms and why some Chanimals are more valuable than others.

Breed Chanimals

It is possible for female Chanimals to breed from the age of two months. Chanimal females can give birth from two to twenty times in a lifetime, depending on how well female Chanimals are nurtured in the game by their owners. This is an important learning experience to help children reflect on the importance of responsible parenthood.


Chanimal pregnancy lasts exactly seven days, seven hours and seven minutes until the birth of a new baby Chanimal. During the pregnancy, the Chanimal’s owner will receive regular updates to be able to monitor the progress of the pregnancy and ensure it gives birth to a healthy baby.

Blondie & Brownie explain Chanimals

Living Avatars

As a world’s first, we introduce the concept of avatars being born, living and dying. The cycle takes five to seven years and reflects the normal life of a pet. Children can learn how to cherish and care for their pet as well as how to breed their pet. This is a crypto pet that functions almost like a real pet.


We plan to use the Ethereum blockchain-based platform for Chanimal Universe ownership and trading feature. Ownership of Chanimals and items will be stored securely on the blockchain, like ownership is stored for bitcoin and ether. To use this extra feature, users will require an Ether wallet.

Family Tree

Studying the family tree of your Chanimal and other Chanimals is fun and educational. This is available from outside the game. All Chanimals have an ID-number so to watch a specific Chanimal, you need to know the ID-number. Number one is found here: https://chanimals.io/1.


Chanimals are like humans in many ways. They are born without clothes but can be dressed. Using credits, you can buy different clothes for your Chanimal and even enter beauty competitions. If you want to feel special, try the latest fashion in the fashion store. Some unique clothes can be bought and sold in our Ether marketplace and registered on the blockchain as owned by the player.


As Chanimals like to fight for glory, there are plenty of weapons and items you can buy for credits. But some enchanted items made by older Chanimals can only be bought with real money. You can make these special items in-game yourself if you have a trained older Chanimal, but they can only be traded for real money on our marketplace.


We offer the chance to register ownership on the blockchain. Registered ownership is needed to sell any Chanimal for Ether, a cryptocurrency which can be bought through a number of dealers online using any currency. We assume users wanting to sell their Chanimal or special items will use our marketplace that will provide information about selling.