The story

Chanimals once lived on Earth, many years ago. Shy by nature, the Chanimal’s elusive existence only came to light just over 1000 years ago. Today we know where they live and how to control them.

What are Chanimals?

Chanimals are small creatures living in an Earth-like world called Ethes of Canaan. Like teddy bears, Chanimals are cute in appearance, but their behavior is more humanlike with powers of communication. These timid animals are gentle when you treat them kindly, but in battle, quick as a flash, they transform into furious, vicious fighters. They are virtually unbeatable, though every Chanimal has a weak spot.

Chanimals once lived on Earth, many years ago. Shy by nature, the Chanimal’s elusive existence only came to light just over 1000 years ago, when humans first discovered them starving and on the brink of extinction in their last known habitat.

Only a few stories about Chanimals have survived in written form since that first discovery. One thousand years ago, European inhabitants were brutal Vikings, conquering enemies and expanding kingdoms. Telling stories of adventure and bravery was in their nature, but to write stories down, our Viking ancestors had to carve on rune stones or write on parchment. Our only way to find out about the Chanimal’s world was through these stories. Until today.

Discovering Chanimals

The story goes that only about 300 Chanimals remained on earth at the time. The first Danish King, Gorm the Old was the first to encounter Chanimals, on a Danish island. He found out how to enslave these unique creatures and have them do whatever their master said. King Gorm the Old’s greatest achievement was to control all the remaining Chanimals and teach them the basics of fighting. Some of his Chanimals had magical abilities they could use in battle. King Gorm could even get his weapons and armor enchanted by Chanimals, making his own army much stronger.

As time passed, King Harald Bluetooth, son of King Gorm the Old, became king of Denmark. The Chanimals were an integrated part of the Danish kingdom, helping the Danes conquer Norway. Chanimals were last seen when the Danes conquered England in 1014, led by King Sweyn Forkbeard, son of King Harald Bluetooth. The legend goes that King Sweyn Forkbeard made an alliance with the Chanimals, agreeing to set them free for 1000 years if they helped conquer England. As we all know, the Danish Vikings won that war so King Sweyn Forkbeard had to find a way to set the Chanimals free without harming his new great kingdom. He knew that Chanimals could easily defeat any human army.

The unholy alliance

After his victory, the Danish king became king of England – the greatest empire on earth at the time. But he had to keep his promise to the Chanimals and this haunted him in his sleep. Chanimals had now learned the art of war and their natural speed, magic and sheer strength, combined with the free will they would have without human masters, would surely bring humankind to its knees.

The Danish king decided to make an unholy alliance with the seven cherubs of the Archangels order. Little is known about the exact alliance, but King Sweyn Forkbeard only ruled the world’s greatest empire in the Viking Age for five weeks. Then he suddenly disappeared and all the Chanimals with him. From runes found on Stonehenge, we learned the Chanimals were relocated to a planet many light years from earth. This planet is called Ethes of Canaan.

Not beholden to any masters in Ethes of Canaan, the Chanimals were free again. They are still thriving today, though it is not known how many there are. Estimates range from 50,000 to several million.

Chanimals today

In 2014, the groundwork for communication to Ethes of Canaan was invented – by Danes, of course. While communication cannot enslave the Chanimals, it can indeed hypnotize them into believing they have a master. Since the first hypnotization of Chanimals took place, slowly more and more Chanimals are abiding by their new masters from Earth.

Chanimals might never walk the earth again, but we can enjoy these enigmatic creatures as our playful pets in a way that’s safe for modern people – through communication. The magical Chanimals can even send pictures and movies of what they see and communicate back to Council of Earth Chanimal Committee (CECC).